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Google Pixel

  • Brand Huawei
  • Price $499 ~ $599
  • Storage 32GB ~ 128GB


  • Design is elegant yet sturdy and high quality
  • Display brings high resolution in AMOLED construction
  • Performance is great due to combination of powerful processor and optimized software
  • Camera is finally a good daily shooter
  • Fingerprint reader is easy to use, very fast
  • Battery is huge, goes for a long time yet charges very quickly
  • Android just keeps getting better, optimization is really visible


  • Ambient Display doesn't take enough advantage of AMOLED screen
  • No expandable storage
  • USB Type C standard still very young, takes some getting used to
  • Qualcomm Quick Charging no longer supported
  • Camera app experience still a bit too bare

Our Rating

  • Camera 9
  • Battery 9
  • Display 9.5
  • Software 9
  • Design 9
  • Performance 9
  • Overall 9.1


The Nexus 6P is what the Nexus line always wanted to be: a marriage of value, power, and aesthetic that is more than capable of capturing life moments. And, as this year's new Android vessel, it is the showcase that Marshmallow deserves.

About the Author

I'm John Doe, this is where i share my little biographical information, i'm currently living on the internet, and you can see me anywhere, lol. Follow me on Twitter